A thousand tricks and still no smoking cessation?



Are you a smoker and keep asking yourself if you shouldn't quit? You are definitely not alone in this!


The smoking cessation offers go far and make more and less sense. What they all have in common is that you are the hard nut to crack: because if you don't really want to stop yourself, you will hardly succeed.


Most methods are based on nicotine replacement or force you to change your behavior from the ground up. And that's exactly why so many of these methods don't work!


Let's be honest: if you have been lighting a cigarette for morning coffee for many years, do not let it be because you relate your nicotine in a different way - the grip on Zigi, the plot itself, is what you can do with it.


There are many good reasons to stop - we have put together the usual ones for you here - but you know the really important ones, namely your very personal ones!








If it's right for you, the time is right!


Don't let yourself be talked into anything, but decide for yourself whether you want to be a non-smoker and only for yourself.

Vaping instead of smoking is just one possible alternative.


It is of course best if you do not find vaping, smoking or any other way to add toxins to your body - we agree.


However, from our own experience and from many of our customers, we know that it does not help to play the moral apostle and respond to dubious offers to quit smoking. We have learned that the e-cigarette can be very helpful in quitting smoking, whereby we ourselves suggest the following combination and procedure for an optimal result:


It's the combination!


Your body craves nicotine and your actions crave the cigarette in your mouth. Both requests can be replaced:


The body gets "its" nicotine best controlled via nicotine patches such as those offered by Nicotinell . These products have been tested and you know what you are doing to your body.


Another option is to supply nicotine to the body through liquids that are used in e-cigarettes. However, it should be said that the sale of such nicotine-containing liquid is (still) prohibited in Switzerland and procurement is correspondingly more complex. It is also advisable not to experiment with ingredients from untested suppliers if you mix such liquids yourself. However, there are numerous quality brands that are also checked by official bodies (often the FDA) and which also make it clear what you are steaming.


But hand and mouth still ask for the movements that have often been practiced for years in certain situations - and precisely this lack of these causes many attempts to stop to fail. This is where the e-cigarette comes into play in its many forms: from the simple entry-level model to the disposable e-cigarette to high-tech devices for professional vaping, everything helps!


In the best case, you can get rid of the addiction to the cigarette with this combination weaning and reduce your nicotine consumption to zero. And you may even be able to leave the e-cigarette behind because there are no long-term studies on the effects of it. However, it must be said that all known attacks on the e-cigarette always assume that they are used with nicotine-containing liquids - and that need not be the case!



Are you mature


In the quick test you can find out how high your level of dependency is. Or take the test right away on-line.


Once that is clear, it is up to you to decide!


Of course, we are happy to advise you and offer you the opportunity to find the right device in our shop and liquids that taste good (can be tasted on site).


We would be delighted if, thanks to our tried and tested method, you managed to stop smoking. We are also happy for everyone around you who has not wanted to smoke passively for a long time. And of course we are also happy if you become a customer of our company and bring good sales - that much honesty must be!


And what is very important:

we believe in you if you do it yourself!



Vaping instead of smoking - the time could be right!