Euromonitor: e-cigarettes more successful than nicotine replacement products


In 2014, sales of e-cigarettes worldwide were for the first time higher than sales of nicotine replacement products. This is the result of an investigation by the market research group Euromonitor . Around six billion US dollars were generated in the e-cigarette market in 2014. For 2019, Euromonitor forecasts global sales of $ 19 billion. Source Euromonitor



VdeH assessment


Dac Sprengel, Chairman of the e-cigarette trade association:

“The success of the e-cigarette is no accident. The product is the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes for adult smokers. The effectiveness of nicotine replacement products is clearly limited and their importance will continue to decline in the coming years. "

“Already a tenth of all smokers in Germany have switched to the e-cigarette. Over the next six years, half of all tobacco smokers will switch to the much less harmful alternative. This is extremely important for public health. "



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