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What's the difference between vaping and smoking?


While a cigarette is lit, there is no combustion process with an e-cigarette. Accordingly, fewer pollutants are released and passive smoking is also avoided. This infographic clearly shows the differences.


If you would like to learn more about the e-cigarette, you can also do so here.


Can I stop smoking with the e-cigarette?


If you are very strong-willed, you can. But you could probably do it without the e-cigarette!

But if you don't just suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you can find a good way to break through your well-founded behavior patterns (the Zigi in the morning, after dinner, at a party, etc.). But that alone is not enough and we therefore recommend our combination technology , which has so far brought very good results.


Vaping? I'm making a fool of myself ...


In Switzerland, it is actually still the case that you get a little funny look when you steam. Slowly but surely, the picture is also changing here and the e-cigarette is just as much part of our everyday life as in many places worldwide.

No matter if you are a beginner with a disposable e-cigarette or a full professional with hardware that is highly technical - today nobody makes a fool of himself when he shows publicly that he swears off smoking. Rather, the smokers are viewed crookedly and banished everywhere.


IQOS and Co.


For some time now, the large tobacco companies have also been involved in the e-cigarette market and have offered a new system in which vaping and not smoking, but using tobacco instead of a liquid.

In our view, this is a little better than the cigarette itself, but there is still tobacco and therefore nicotine. The handling of such "e-cigarettes" is quite complicated and the costs are still rather high.

Our company would like to support you in getting away from the toxic nicotine and therefore relies on a process in which you continue to do the same actions but at the same time reduce the consumption of nicotine until it is completely absent.

With products like IQOS, you do without the burning process and the resulting toxins, but you remain true to nicotine and cannot get rid of your addiction.


Liquids with nicotine


In Switzerland, the sale of nicotine-containing liquids is still partially prohibited (as of August 2018). This is rather incomprehensible because


  • our FOPH should be concerned about the health of the citizen and support every reasonable possibility to reduce smoking

  • Swiss customers can easily order such liquids abroad and then stock up there

  • Vaping of such liquids is permitted abroad.


We share our state's concern about liquids, the ingredients of which are not entirely clear and which are produced under dubious circumstances - but we know that there are numerous tested and certified manufacturers of such liquids that work extremely well.


And honestly - we are a little surprised if the consumption of alcohol is not a problem and also that of cannabis (from whatever source) should be legalized, while the nicotine-containing liquids do not move.


But we are confident that there will soon be movement in this topic, now that large tobacco companies with a lot of budget for lobbying have appeared on the market and sell products with nicotine under the same common term "e-cigarette"; - ) ...