For whom



... for smokers!



The discussions about the e-cigarette are controversial: this should seduce the young people into consuming and thus pave the way for smoking.

But this is only an unproven theory and from our experience, someone rarely switches from vaping to smoking.

Conversely, this happens much more often, because vaping instead of smoking is definitely better, since the toxic process of burning the cigarette is eliminated.


We do not recommend smoking or vaping. That is why we only sell our products to people who smoke or who are already vaping.


So if you are a smoker and want to swear off this addiction, we can support you.


Basically, there are people who should definitely not smoke or steam:

- pregnant women

- Breastfeeding mothers

- People with breathing disorders

- non-smokers



... for young and old, for rich and poor, for women and men, for good and wild ...


There is an enormous range of people among the steamers.