Who is happy smoke?


Happy-smoke is a retail store in Schlieren / Zurich and Zug, which specializes in the specialist sale of e-cigarettes. Here you can find out more about us.


In the course of our business, we have already been able to accompany many smokers to the vaping and are very happy about it, on the one hand, because we think it is great if their health is optimized. And on the other hand, of course, because we can earn our money with it ;-).


From our own experience and many failed attempts, we know how difficult it is to quit smoking. The numerous methods have served us as little as threats or rational insights that smoking is unhealthy. It was only by combining different methods that we were able to quit smoking.


If you google the question of whether you can stop smoking with e-cigarettes, you always end up with the same statement: yes and no. You get away from the cigarette, but you continue to add addictive and unhealthy nicotine to the body. Actually a confusing statement, all the more since the sale of nicotine-containing liquids for e-cigarettes is forbidden in Switzerland. With this statement, however, it is always assumed that nicotine-containing liquids are vaporized and want to stick to them.


We firmly believe that it is possible to get away from the cigarette with the e-cigarette. But not just and not bang on a case. Read more about our method , consider whether it works for you and if so,


  • we look forward to personally advising you in our shop in Schlieren or in Zug

  • To offer you all the necessary products in our online shop .